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Carl Miller is an expert on the Constitution of The United States and the Bill of Rights.

He has studied Law for over 25 years, and has a courtroom win loss rate of over 90%

He is not an attorney. Carl preferrs representing himself in Propria Persona as he delights in tying federal prosecutors in knots, often winning the praise and respect of the judges at the same time.

Carl is a highly decorated hero of the Vietnam war serving in the elite "Apache Troop" as a paratrooper and crew chief. The Famous move "Apocalypse Now" and the best selling book "Apache Sunrise" are based on the true-life-experiences of this group of brave and patriotic Americans.

Carl Miller was inducted into the top secret project "Blue Book" and he considers it an honor to have served in several operations supporting Lt. Colonel James "Bo" Gritz, including "Operation Eagle Snatch."

Carl is a vetern of hundreds of dangerous parachute jumps, breaking his legs or ankles six times. Shot down four times, personally shot twice, Carl has miraculously escaped death numerous times. Carl credits divine intervention and God's providence for preserving his life unto this day so that he may complete the most important mission of his life:

That of teaching others the importance of the Constitution of the United States and how to use it, and by using it, thus preserving it.

Carl hs taught hundreds of people, including housewives and truck-drivers the fine art of arguing the Constitution and wining in court.

Carl says, "It's easy once you know how, and a whole lot of fun too."


The Definition a License is "A personal privilege to do some particular act or series of acts on Land without possessing any estate or interest therein", and is ordinarily revocable at the will of the licensor and is NOT assignable. The permission by competent authority to do an act which, without such permission, would be illegal TOTALLY or, a trespass, a tort, a clear violation of LAW and/or otherwise totally NOT ALLOWABLE UNDER ANY CONDITION!!! See People vs. Henderson, 391 Mich. 612, 218 N.W. 2nd 2 @4. A permit granted by an appropriate governmental body, generally for a consideration, A FEE, to a person, firm, or Corporation to pursue some occupation or to carry on some business subject to regulation under the POLICE POWER of Government. Please see 9th & 10th Amendments of THE U.S. CONSTITUTION. Pay special attention to the phrase "nor prohibited by it" or Rights previously guaranteed may not be enumerated away by addition onto the CONSTITUTION, or denied or disparaged away by adding onto it.

Now let us take a look at the following cartoon and see if you can pick out the Characters and who they actually represent in society today. It really has not changed much in 2,000 years but the names and the faces are changed and maybe the dress but the peasant/master relationship is the same. Now just how does that occur? IT OCCURS BECAUSE WE VOLUNTARILY ALLOW IT TO OCCUR!!! FACT!!!!!!!

Now once upon a time in a Land far, far, away, IN THE NEW WORLD, there lived a people, who were ALL Kings and or Queens in their OWN RIGHT. Now as such they were truly blessed by GOD with Sovereign Rights, as FREE MEN AND WOMEN, which they all agreed should be written down on paper to preserve for ALL TIME, that Sovereign STATUS and ALL THE RIGHTS to be protected. The Sovereign People, Kings and Queens, called the Document THE CONSTITUTION so ALL could see and know what was in fact done. The Kings and Queens hired trusted servants, ALL SWORN AND TRUE, TO ACT AS PROTECTORS OF THE CONSTITUTION. These FIDUCIARY TRUSTEES were to form a group of FIDUCIARY TRUSTEES, and were then SWORN TO PROTECT AND SERVE, and this was called THE GOVERNMENT, which was created entirely under the authority of THE CONSTITUTION. Now take NOTE OF WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THAT HONEST AND NOBEL UNDERTAKING!!! Now follow along and learn how you can bring back that original CONTRACT, and get back your Sovereign Status and the PROTECTED RIGHTS GUARANTEED TO YOU IN THAT CONSTITUTION. CAN YOU PICK OUT THE CHARACTERS IN THIS LITTLE CARTOON??? What Changed????!!! HOW DID IT HAPPEN??????!!! HOW did the Sovereign Citizen's protected RIGHTS GET CONVERTED INTO A PRIVILEGE and a requirement for a LICENSE or FEE for the exercise of that RIGHT be required for the exercise of that PRIVILEGE. CLEARLY THIS IS FRAUD, PLAIN AND SIMPLE. FRAUD VISCHEATES THE MOST SACRED CONTRACT OR COVENANT! !!!! Has a FRAUD been done here???? You DECIDE!!!

Now NO STATE may convert a RIGHT into a PRIVILEGE and require a LICENSE or FEE for the exercise of that RIGHT!!! Please see MURDOCK vs. PENNSYLVANIA, 319 U.S. 105, and if a STATE does erroneously do require A LICENSE OR FEE for exercise of the RIGHT, the Citizen may IGNORE THE LICENSE AND OR FEE and exercise the RIGHT WITH TOTAL IMPUNITY!!! Please see SCHUTTLESWORTH vs. BIRMINGHAM 373 U.S. 262. YOU CAN NOT BE PUNISHED FOR THE EXERCISE OF A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT!!! Please see MILLER vs. UNITED STATES 230 F2nd 486. You have a PERFECT DEFENSE TO THE ELEMENT OF WILLFULLNESS if you rely on the advice of Counsel or upon a DECISION OF THE UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT AS A DEFENSE. Please see U.S. vs. BISHOP, 412 U.S. 346. If the Prosecution who bears entirely the proofs beyond a TOTAL REASONABLE DOUBT can NOT prove WILLFUL INTENT TO AVOID AND KNOWN DUTY OR TASK UNDER THE LAW WITH A MORAL CERTAINTY, said Prosecutor does NOT HAVE A CAUSE OF ACTION FOR WHICH A COURT OF LAW MAY GRANT RELIEF TO HIM/HER, and thereby has NO CASE AT LAW!!!! FACT!!!!! See Michigan Court Rule 2.116 (c) (8) FAILURE TO STATE A CAUSE OF ACTION FOR WHICH RELIEF MAY BE GRANTED BY THE COURT.

Now look below, because this is exactly what is going on and you need to study this example and decide if you are willing to go along with this FRAUD!!!!!!!!! YES OR NO!!!! You think about it and make your decision, and the decision is: TO BE OR NOT TO BE KING OR QUEEN WITH ALL RIGHTS AND OR PROTECTIONS THAT GO WITH THAT!!! The Constitution is suppose to be interpreted in favor of YOU, "THE CITIZEN" BENEFICIARY, FOR THE PROTECTION OF RIGHTS AND PROPERTY!!!! Please see BYARS vs. UNITED STATES 273 U.S. 28 and 16th Am Juris Prudence 2nd Constitutional Section #97, so you got a right to have your idea or opinion of your Rights be protected in favor of YOU!!!! BUT FIRST YOU MUST KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!!! Do You know your RIGHTS??????? HOW THEN CAN YOU PROTECT THEM IF YOU DON'T KNOW THEM, SURELY GOVERNMENT IS NOT GOING TO TELL YOU WHAT YOUR RIGHTS ARE!!!! NO IT IS ENTIRELY UP TO YOU!!!! You must decide!

Webmasters note: to save space, Iím just going to provide the text from the cartoon:

Wizard of Id Cartoon
By Brant Parker & Johnny Hart
Copyright 1/21/98 (I think) Creators syndicate, Inc.

Man: He says, I need a business license!
King: What do you do for a living?
Man: Iím a Beggar
King: Let me see you beg.
Man: Please give me a license!
Guard: Whatís the charge?
King: Begging without a license.